Friday, April 29, 2011

This "Royal Wedding" Business

First off, a big "Mazal Tov" to the happy couple, I'm sure they'll have lots of blessings..yadayadayda


Dear Americans,
Do you REALIZE how happy I am, as a student of political science, that I can FINALLY watch the news without having to see coverage of this mindless dribble? OH BY THE WAY, remember when the English monarchy had a tiny little tiff with us? "No taxation without representation" and such?'s a little weird how obsessive you've gotten about this whole thing. I mean, princesses and princes get married all the time and we don't really care, unless they were the "motherland" during the dark ages of colonization. Judging by media coverage of similar situations, such as the Pope's death, and the OTHER royal wedding, I'd say we have at least another month of coverage before this whole thing dies down.

Oh goody.

That's not to say I think the British Monarchy is evil or anything. Actually, just recently I saw a production of "The Madness of King George" and I have come to realize that, although we have been taught that he was an evil oppressor (which..I mean, he was in a sense), George III was actually quite the politician and a good father to his fifteen children. 

Enough political musing for the morning, I've got my last day of undergraduate classes to attend!

Why I hate "pending"

I've applied to a total of ONE grad school program. It's the only program that makes me think "Two more years of school? Bring it on!" After months of taking various tests, running around to make sure I got every single document needed for the application, I sent it in. And now...I wait. I see the same word every time I log into the application status portal..."pending". I feel the same thing every time I check my mailbox..."pending", every time I check my e-mail..."pending". Now, as I near the close of both my final semester of undergrad and the lease of the apartment I could never afford without help from my parents...I'm still pending.

It's driving me insane! I need to find a place to live, find a summer job wherever I'm living, not to mention the fact that I have this slight tendency to be a perpetual worrier.So, I pack up boxes, study for my finals, say goodbye to professors who shaped my undergraduate education...and I pend.

And now for something completely different! Leopold, making sure he makes it to our new apartment.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Have cat. Will travel.

I made a blog because it turns out I'm going to be graduating soon and then I'll enter the real world...or go to grad school. I know that whatever ends up happening, I'll be moving somewhere (with my trusty cat Leopold in tow) and I'll need to update people on what's going on in my life. I'm sure as I graduate college and head out to wherever I'm supposed to be going I'll have some interesting learning experiences, and I look forward to sharing all of my musings on life with you....whoever you are.